How to Start a Bookstagram Account

Bookstagram is the book side of Instagram. You don’t need anything else but an Instagram account and the ability to take photos. Here is what you need to do: Step one: Start a brand new Instagram…


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Lady In The Streets

Freak in the sheets

He planned the perfect date. The walk down the strip while window shopping, followed by a fancy dinner and, to my surprise, wonderful conversation.

My little black dress was more elegant than sexy. I was never really one for slutty. Even my sex life was stagnant in the past. My ex wouldn’t do anything new. The missionary was his “forte,” and he kind of stayed with it.

I wanted to do more. I watched porn and movies and even looked up karma sutra stuff. Playing around with my toys that ultimately felt better than he ever did.

I wanted new. Something that made me weak in the knees. Foreplay or even a little oral. He hated going down on me, and he wasn’t a fan of receiving head either.

Our sex life…or lack thereof, was the whole reason we didn’t work out.

After almost a year of pleasuring myself and thinking all men are the same, I decided to date again. We met at Starbucks in line and hit it off. We exchanged our Snapchat names and went from there. We told each other everything, including our past sex lives.

He knew he had to prove to me that not all men are the same.

From the second we hit the bed, my training kicks in. I get on my knees on the edge of the bed and slowly unbutton his shirt while I kiss his chest and guide his shirt off of his muscles slowly, letting his shirt hit the floor.

His head fell back to my touch while my hands made my way down his body to get that pesky belt undone so I can get to what I want. He stood at the end of the bed and let his clothes fall to the floor around him before gripping my shoulders and laying me down slowly and gently.

He hovered over me, gazing at my body and exploring every inch with his eyes and fingertips. His lips traveled south as if he was intentionally teasing me. I watched his every move intently.

He crawled back down my body and froze to get a good look at his destination. He had no more control over his body.

He dove tongue first into my pussy and gripped my thighs to get in deeper. The way he sounded and with how deep his…

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